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Modernizing your Communication Strategy

On Thursday, July 22nd at 12pm EST we were joined by Student Transportation of America's Director of Business Applications, Erin Jahn and Public & Media Relations Director, Jen Holzapfel to hear how they transformed the way they communicate with their 20,000 bus drivers spread across the US & Canada.

Communicating with your Frontline Restaurant Employees

On Thursday, June 17th at 12pm EST, with national award winning City Barbeque's Chief People Officer, Ronnie Berry, and Market Leader, Tina Behring, we discussed how today’s frontline employees rank better communication as one of their most critical factors in determining their employee experience and retention.

Appreciating the Frontline

What do your frontline leaders wake up thinking about?  Out of their top 5 for the day, would frontline employee appreciation pop to mind? Do those leaders have specific strategies on how to most effectively appreciate? 

Diversity, Inclusion and Bias Strategy for Frontline Employees

Do you have a diversity, inclusion and bias strategy for your frontline employees?  Do you know how your frontline employees feel about your company's stance on the importance of diversity, inclusion and bias?  Would they say your company is an anti-racist company?