WEBINAR - How Beck's is Driving Team Member Engagement with goHappy

Retention is top of mind if you have frontline workers. Check out this webinar that showcases the innovative strategies implemented by Beck's to enhance team member engagement and improve employee retention.

Co-hosted by Andy Morgan from goHappy & Heather Raffelson from Beck's, this webinar dives into the ease and power of goHappy, a cutting-edge employee engagement solution, and how Beck's is leveraging this simple tool. Listeners will gain valuable insights into Beck's success story, learning how they leverage goHappy to boost team communication, foster a sense of belonging, and drive engagement. Through real-life use cases, practical tips, and interactive discussions, you will learn actionable techniques to reimagine your own retention strategies and create a more engaged frontline workforce.

Watch this webinar to unlock the secrets behind Beck's remarkable achievement in building a highly engaged and motivated team.

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