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UPCOMING: Modernizing your Communication Strategy

Join us on Thursday, July 22nd at 12pm EST with Student Transportation of America’s Director of Business Applications, Erin Jahn and Public & Media Relations Director, Jen Holzapfel to hear how they transformed the way they communicate with their 20,000 bus drivers spread across the US & Canada.

We’ll dig into how their team struggled to quickly and easily reach all employees, or certain groups, with both general company announcements, and more importantly, real time information prior to working with goHappy Hub.

Erin and Jen will break down all of the familiar challenges with this audience, including:
  • Their frontline communication challenges as a transportation company with 200+ terminals and 20,000 drivers spread across the US and Canada - both from a corporate perspective and a field-level operational perspective.
  • The digital communication options they had to consider given their employees’ varying level of comfort and access to technology.
  • What internal hurdles they had to overcome to roll out a new communication offering to their frontline - logistics of collecting mobile numbers, legal considerations, etc. - and how they rolled it out.
  • How corporate is now communicating directly with their drivers and the types of things about which they’re communicating.
  • How their terminal managers are communicating directly with their frontline and the types of things about which they’re communicating.
  • What their frontline is saying about how this increased communication has made them feel.

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