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Diversity, Inclusion and Bias Strategy for Frontline Employees

Do you have a diversity, inclusion and bias strategy for your frontline employees?  Do you know how your frontline employees feel about your company's stance on the importance of diversity, inclusion and bias?  Would they say your company is an anti-racist company?
Given the events of this past year, it has never been more important for your frontline employees to know and feel that your organization has not only taken a stand against racism but that it's being proactive about educating all of your team members on diversity, inclusion and bias.  And, while many companies have taken action to more fully educate their corporate teams, their frontline employees have not had a fraction of that training.  
We tackled this subject with special guests James Pogue, Ph.D., Expert speaker & Coach on diversity, inclusion & unconscious bias, and Jeremy Edmonds, Director of People at Snooze Eatery an A.M. Eatery. 
James and Jeremy shared their key learnings from this past year & where we are now, why diversity inclusion and bias training is so important at the frontline level and how it's different, how you can measure how your frontline employees' feelings of how you've handled this subject, suggested best practices and resources, and of course their own personal stories.  


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Our Guests



James Pogue, Ph.DJames-Pogue_PHOTO_B-XL
President & CEO @JP Enterprises

Leadership and training are at the core of who Dr. Pogue is and drive his commitment to equip  executives and professionals with thought leadership to communicate & manage effectively.  This focus has driven his design of The No Nonsense Experience which has been critical to the  development of hundreds of leaders across the globe. His military service, scope of research  and work as a speaker and entrepreneur give him tangible examples of the critical balance  between leaders and followers on teams.  

The Diversity, Inclusion and Bias (DIBs) 360 Assessment has given organizations and leaders well researched data partnered with highly engaged training to improve their ability to reduce  derailing behavior, provide a clear path to diversity and the positively impact the bottom line. Whether through consultation, coaching, keynotes or workshops Dr. Pogue supports leaders in  shifting culture and making the decisions that attract, engage, and retain talent at all levels. 

In his leisure time, he occasionally competes as a martial artist where he has five national titles,  in addition to Silver and Bronze medals at the World Championships. Dr. Pogue has two  daughters and six granddaughters.


Headshot 1Jeremy Edmonds
Director of People @Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Jeremy Edmonds is the Director of People for Snooze, an A.M. Eatery. His love for people, process and the employee experience lead him to his career in Human Resources. After spending 11 years in talent recruiting, Jeremy turned his focus toward leadership development and people support as a Senior HR Business Partner and HR Director. Jeremy found his passion for hospitality while working at Vail Resorts and is now proud to be part of the Snooze team serving up delicious pancakes and people. Throughout his career, Jeremy has been a champion for diversity, leading multiple programs focused on the acquisition, development and employee experience for under represented employees. In his spare time, Jeremy loves to read, cook, and travel with his partner, Julian and 7 year old daughter Hannah.