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Communicating with your Frontline Restaurant Employees

On Thursday, June 17th at 12pm EST, with national award winning City Barbeque's Chief People Officer, Ronnie Berry, and Market Leader, Tina Behring, we discussed how today’s frontline employees rank better communication as one of their most critical factors in determining their employee experience and retention.

Webinar Highlight Reel

5:00 - How did City BBQ communicate to the frontline before goHappy?
9:40 - What are all the ways that City BBQ communicates internally?
24:00 - Did City BBQ have all of their employees phone numbers?
27:00 - Can employees opt-out? How did they address compliance?
35:20 - How are they now engaging their Frontline with goHappy?
38:39 - What types of messages does City BBQ send?
46:53 - What does the frontline think of the increase in communication?

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