Communicating with your Frontline Restaurant Employees

On Thursday, June 17th at 12pm EST, with national award winning City Barbeque's Chief People Officer, Ronnie Berry, and Market Leader, Tina Behring, we discussed how today’s frontline employees rank better communication as one of their most critical factors in determining their employee experience and retention.

Webinar Highlight Reel

5:00 - Communication hurdles they faced as a growing brand with a very personal communication style.
12:16 - How feedback from the frontline and the breakdown in communication drove change.
17:36 - Why they chose texting vs. an app, & why they didn't use other possible internal systems.
27:45 - How they rolled this out, the messaging, the importance of cadence and message type.
35:20 - How they are using goHappy to welcome and engage new hires, and their reaction.
47:32 - Feedback from the frontline and how the increased communication is driving a fun culture.

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