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Four Ways Automation Can Improve Frontline Employee Communications

Jul 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM

At the start of the pandemic, organizations scrambled to get online, set up curbside shopping, and restructure how to get work done and stay in business. It was like everyone was in fight or flight mode.

Those who fought (mostly) survived – and this fight to stay alive, forced companies to find new ways to do business. 

Many of these changes ended up being for the better. Namely, how the world views frontline employees. Before the pandemic, frontline workers were often considered expendable and easily replaced. But now, businesses know better. 

Organizations now view frontline employees as vital to the success of their business, and they’re also discovering new ways to enrich their experience through automation.

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What Is Automation?

Automation technology can be anything from machine learning AI to self-checkouts to communication software. 

It is often thought of as technology that removes repetitive tasks from employees so they can focus on more rewarding work of higher value.

Four Ways To Improve Frontline Communications With Automation

Digital tools offer deskless employees an easy and reliable way to stay connected to the company they work for.

With the ability to put messages on auto pilot, thanks to automation software, upper management can focus on business growth. At the same time, frontline workers can enjoy an improved exchange of information that will lead to higher engagement and better job satisfaction.

Learn how your company can improve frontline employee engagement with automation.

Reach Frontline Employees Faster

Are you still relying on email to get important information out to employees? Or how about upper management depending on lower management to share information?

These forms of communication simply aren’t good enough anymore.

For starters, nearly 100% of shift workers and those in the field are deskless. These workers don’t have a company email or access to a computer while at work. So relying on email generally means the message reaches them late or never

And while some managers are excellent communicators, some aren’t, which means essential information often never makes it to the intended workers. And once again, you’re left with partial communication or late and irrelevant information by the time workers get it.

Retail staff should know about an upcoming sale before your customers do. Restaurant staff definitely need to learn about menu changes before their next shift. And factory workers must know about any safety updates in real-time.

Stop scrambling to get critical messages to your frontline staff. Get it to them when they need it with automated messaging.

Never Miss Important Dates, News, or Celebrations

When running a busy and dynamic business, it’s easy to overlook important dates and company-wide updates with your team. It’s especially challenging to get messages out to workers in the field. 

And expecting managers and supervisors to remember isn’t always reliable. 

Create an employee engagement communication calendar and never scramble to send out messages the day of or facepalm when you realize you missed Employee Appreciation Day, AGAIN!

Use automated messages to share company wins, Happy Birthday messages, and fun celebration days like International Donut Day. Show your frontline team you value them enough to include them in regular company-wide communication.

Improve Employee Engagement With Automated Messages

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The pandemic and resulting upheaval in the work world showed us that frontline workers crave belonging. They want to feel valued, treated as individuals with ideas worth sharing and feel good knowing their role serves a greater purpose.

To achieve this, organizations must invest in better employee communication. Sending frontline staff regular and timely messages and opportunities to provide feedback will show that you care about them.

When frontline workers feel cared for, they show up to work more engaged, supported, and enthusiastic about contributing to the success of your business. 

Use automated messaging to gain immediate feedback from employees that you can use to improve engagement. And watch your team transform from workers who show up simply for the paycheck to a highly engaged workforce ready to take on new challenges.

Increase Employee Retention

When employees feel valued, they are more inclined to bring their best selves to work. The opposite of this is also true — workers who feel disconnected, undervalued, and general malaise about their job take more days off, spread dissent, and eventually leave to find more fulfilling work elsewhere.

High employee turnover is costly and can hurt your bottom line. But automated messaging can help improve employee retention from the first day a new hire starts work. 

Improve onboarding with seamless messaging welcoming new hires. And empower your frontline workers with the information they need to succeed in their new role from day one with easy access to digital training materials and safety documents. 

With the current shortage of workers, word will get out that your organization cares about its frontline workers. 

But don’t stop there! Keep the lines of communication open with regular updates, messages of appreciation, and opportunities for staff to offer feedback and share ideas. 

Automate Messaging With A Texting Tool

Simply stating you want to improve frontline employee communication isn’t enough. It’s time to put words into action with a texting tool like goHappy.

goHappy is a low-entry (easy to use!) tool that will drastically improve your company culture.

Your frontline workers want to hear from you. They made it abundantly clear they are no longer willing to work for a company that excludes them from company-wide communication and doesn’t appreciate the value they bring to the company.

And while your leadership team is busy running a business, keeping up with regular communication is not always feasible.

Never leave your frontline workers hanging again! Our texting tool allows you to automate and schedule employee messaging – and it’s really easy to use. 

Schedule a demo today and learn how goHappy can help your company thrive with better frontline employee communication.

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