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The Keys to Frontline Employee Engagement

Feb 10, 2021 10:01:33 AM

We recently hosted a webinar regarding the keys to frontline employee engagement and the bottom line impact that it drives, with special guests Dave McKlveen, Vice President of Human Resources for Organic Krush and formerly VP of HR at Cava, and Greg Moyer, Chief Engagement Officer at goHappy Hub.  Below are the quick hitting highlights, and for a more full deep dive, click here to watch the full Webinar.

  • Frontline employee engagement is a huge opportunity cost.  On average, 70% of frontline employees are disengaged.  And, the cost for a disengaged employee is 34% of their annual pay.  
  • Contrast those stats with top quartile companies where 70% of their frontline employees are engaged.  Those top quartile companies enjoy the following financial benefits:
    • 24% less turnover
    • 41% lower absenteeism
    • 70% fewer employee safety concerns
    • 28% less shrinkage
    • 10% better customer satisfaction scores
    • 17% higher productivity
    • 20% higher sales
    • 21% higher profitability
  • The keys to driving higher engagement is to create an experience for your frontline employees where they feel Valued and Connected at work.
  • The biggest determinant of your employees’ Experience of feeling Valued and Connected is their Frontline Manager.
  • How well your Frontline Managers perform the following key Manager Actions directly impacts their employees’ experience of feeling Valued and Connected:
    • Appreciate
    • Connect
    • Coach
  • The goHappy Hub Frontline Employee Engagement model provides that:
    • Those 3 Manager Actions (Appreciate, Connect and Coach) directly impact the Frontline Employee Experience
    • The Frontline Employee Experience of feeling Valued and Connected directly impacts their Engagement
    • The Frontline Employee Engagement directly impacts their willingness to Perform, Commit and Promote
    • Frontline Managers need feedback on how they are doing on those 3 Key Manager Actions so that they can continually get better at them.
  • The goHappy Hub Engagement Model measures the following:
    • Employee Experience
    • Employee Engagement
    • Manager Actions
  • The goHappy Hub Engagement Model provides that feedback at a rolled up Organizational level as well as at the Manager level. 
  • There are Best Practices for how to conduct Employee Engagement Surveys - here are the highlights:
    • Maximize Participation Rate by doing the following:
      • Emphasize that it is anonymous and have conducted by a 3rd party
      • Emphasize the importance of people participating through manager communications, corporate communications, etc.
      • Deliver the survey electronically and make mobile friendly
      • Make it short - 5 minutes or less
      • Ensure it is being translated into the needed languages for your employee population
    • Frequency
      • Conduct Engagement Surveys once/year
      • Complement with quarterly pulse surveys
    • Follow-up Actions
      • Communicate results to employees 
      • Have follow-up coaching sessions with the Managers to review their feedback and to make that feedback actionable.

Net/net, frontline employee engagement is one of the biggest determinants of a company’s success, and fortunately, it is measurable and impactable.  We hope that this Webinar can be helpful to you in your journey of continually improving that engagement level.

Shawn Boyer

Written by Shawn Boyer

Shawn Boyer, Founder & CEO of goHappy.