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How the Best Managers Foster Employee Recognition

By Dane Schwartz on Mar 8, 2023 8:47:51 AM

Take a moment to think about your favorite job that you've ever had. Most likely, one of the reasons that this job was meaningful to you was because of the relationships that you had with your employer and your fellow employees. When we feel valued at the workplace, our work feels more meaningful. 

Now more than ever, it is important that employees feel valued at the workplace. One way to accomplish this is through employee recognition.

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The Happy 10: Practical Employee Appreciation Ideas

By Dane Schwartz on Mar 1, 2023 2:08:31 PM

As Dr. Bob Nelson says, “Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” 

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Building Employee Morale with Frontline Employee Appreciation Messages

By Dane Schwartz on Jan 9, 2023 8:30:00 AM

In our post-pandemic world, it's not enough to assume frontline employees are just " happy to have a job." 

Things have changed, and frontline workers no longer seek jobs where the expectation is the bare minimum in exchange for a paycheck. 

They are more attracted to a work environment where they feel valued and respected, with managers who make them feel like they're contributing to something significant and are working towards common goals. 

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6 Employee Appreciation Gifts For Hourly Workers

By Dane Schwartz on Dec 5, 2022 12:04:00 PM

Your frontline employees work hard. And amid busy schedules and the holiday rush, it can be easy to overlook showing them how much you appreciate their dedication to your organization.

Hourly workers often put in more than 40-hour work weeks during the holiday season — especially amid a labor crisis — and miss out on celebrations with family and friends. 

Although frontline employees receive overtime pay for their extra hours, it’s a requirement by the department of labor. 

Rewarding your hourly workers beyond what is expected of you, especially when they sacrifice so much, is essential to let them know you care. 

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Labor Day: Why We Celebrate Work

By Shawn Boyer on Sep 6, 2021 10:51:29 AM

Sara Reinhardt shares her favorite things about working for Tupelo Honey.

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