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Introducing goHappy Hub! Where Your Frontline Drives Your Bottom Line

Jun 25, 2020 11:20:48 AM

We’re super excited to announce our newest goHappy Labs product offering – goHappy Hub! With goHappy Hub!, organizations now have a simple and powerful way to:

Communicate with their frontline hourly employees; and
Enable their frontline hourly employees to communicate and collaborate with each other in smaller group settings – whether those groups are by location, team, district, etc.

As part of goHappy Hub!, organizations are able to do the following:

Create an overarching organization with multiple Groups within your organization (e.g., regions, direction, locations)
Message out to all Groups (or to select Groups) with just one tap
Enable locations, teams, districts, etc. to be able to enhance their sense of community
Invite the behaviors you’d love to see inside each group by creating the initial Channels for those Groups – things like:

Recognize and Foster Teamwork – Leaders and Team members can easily thank and recognize one another.

Celebrate Wins and Milestones as a Team – Celebrate Customer testimonials, hitting goals, milestones, work anniversaries, birthdays, etc. with the team!

Share & Collaborate about Scheduling – Prompt team members when new schedules are available and provide team members with a way to communicate about their schedules.

Prompt Team Members about Training and Socialize Learning – Simple way to prompt the team for training requirements, to share learning opportunities and invite conversation about them.

Talk about Limited Time Offerings – Update your team on LTO’s in real time, solicit & answer questions, etc.

Get Real-Time Feedback from the Team – Poll the team, get immediate feedback and reactions.

And whatever else you want! And, it’s super simple and intuitive for the team – all delivered on their mobile device via the app, which ultimately drives utilization and engagement.

Given our experience with founding and building Snagajob over a decade and a half, and talking to 1,000’s of frontline hourly employees along the way, we know that they too often feel:

Disconnected from the company they work for
Under-communicated with
That their voice is not heard
Disconnected from their fellow teammates unless they always work the same shift together (which is rare!)
That’s a huge problem; both for the employees and for the organizations that employ them.

So, our goals with goHappy Hub! are to help frontline hourly employees 1) Feel more connected to and engaged with the company they work for AND 2) Feel a tighter sense of community and engagement with the people they work with every day.

And, the impact of this for the organization is that they have a frontline hourly workforce that they can reach easily and one that is much more engaged and much happier. And, that leads to higher productivity, higher retention and lower absenteeism. And a happier customer base! That’s a pretty good outcome where everyone wins!

We look forward to sharing much more about goHappy Hub! in the coming weeks!

Shawn Boyer

Written by Shawn Boyer

Shawn Boyer, Founder & CEO of goHappy.